Accountability for materials

To store high-risk material in a controlled and secure fashion, identification, registration and active management of this material is essential. For this purpose, procedures and measures are required that determine how storage, use and destruction can be secured in an organisation. For example, coded labelling can make it difficult for unauthorised persons to immediately locate and identify high-risk materials. This enhances security of high-risk materials. This Accountability for materials key area focuses on such procedures and measures, and not specifically on measures to prevent or limit access to the material. The latter topic is part of the Physical Security key area.

In this biosecurity key area you will gain insight into the following:

  • Aspects of registration and management of high-risk materials in storage and during use.
  • The assignment of responsibilities for registration and management of high-risk materials.
  • Awareness of the difference between biosafety (working safely with high-risk materials) and biosecurity (securing high-risk materials), specifically with respect to localisation and identification.