Vulnerability Scan

Welcome to the vulnerability scan web application of the Biosecurity Office. This web application allows you to examine biosecurity vulnerabilities in your organisation. The application is structured around eight key areas of biosecurity (so called pillars). For each key area, a questionnaire with explanations, potential risks, and control measures are provided. By using the vulnerability scan web application, you will get an overview of biosecurity vulnerabilities within your organisation.
More information can be found in the user manual.


To identify vulnerabilities in your organization, questionnaires provide insight into eight key areas of biosecurity. In each questionnaire, answers are supported by an explanation, followed by a number of control measures your organisation may consider to mitigate biosecurity risks. The provided scenarios reflect realistic situations that can occur in any organisation. The scenarios may provide additional insight into potential (bio)security risks within your organisation.

Final statement

The results of the vulnerability scan are summarised in a final statement. In this statement, an overview of answers selected for each key area of biosecurity are presented, together with an explanation, associated risks, and control measures. If you have selected scenarios, they will appear in the final statement with associated risks and control measures as well.


Using the vulnerability analysis web application is anonymous; no data is stored. This web application has been developed by the Biosecurity Office. For questions, remarks, or more information please contact the Biosecurity Office at: biosecurity@rivm.nl.

Your data

To identify the vulnerabilities and risks in your organisation, please answer the questions and scenarios in the vulnerability scan web application. Your data are not sent via internet, or stored by the Biosecurity Office. Data are stored locally on your computer only. This way, you can complete the vulnerability analysis at another time. If you want to delete all your data, for instance to repeat the vulnerability analysis, press on ‘Delete your answers’ below.